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Manufacturers Safety Data Sheets


Manufacturers Safety Data Sheets

Advion® cockroach gel bait - MSDS

DuPont™ Advion® cockroach gel bait is a high-performing product from DuPont Professional Products targeting all prevailing pest species of cockroaches.  This outstanding product combines a highly attractive, proprietary gel formulation with a potent non-repellent active ingredient.  Cockroaches cannot resist this superior combination and even the toughest populations are quickly controlled!

Benefits - Controls all prevailing cockroach species, targets include gel bait-averse, high-performing bait matrix, thorough cockroach infestation elimination.

Application - High-consumption bait, Non-repellent, Indoor/outdoor use, Commercial, residential & industrial sites.

Effective against - Cockroaches including; Australian, German, American, Brown, Smoky Brown, Oriental, Brown Banded & Asian.


AMDRO® COCKROACH GEL is a convenient gel insecticide for use by professional pest control operators for the control of cockroaches in residential and industrial situations.

Application - AMDRO Gel is recommended as a crack and crevice treatment in situations such as homes and industrial buildings, around pipes, stoves, refrigerators and other areas where cockroaches frequent.

Advantages - Easy to use Gel formulation will control all major pest species of cockroaches, including German cockroaches.

Benefits - Passed from cockroach to cockroach by activities such as cannibalism.

Effective Against - Cockroaches including German Cockroaches.


CONTRAC BLOX is a single-feeding anticoagulant rodenticide containing the active ingredient, Bromadiolone. It is an excellent clean-out and maintenance bait to control mice and rats, including warfarin-resistant Norway rats.

CONTRAC BLOX is specially formulated with an optimal blend of food-grade ingredients and a small amount of paraffin. The result is a highly palatable, yet weatherable, bait that works well in wet and dry conditions.

Benefits - Bait acceptance with CONTRAC is superior due to its highly palatable formulation. Plus, manufactured with Bell's extrusion process, CONTRAC BLOX has multiple edges that appeal to a rodent's desire to gnaw. Rodents can consume a lethal dose in just one feeding.

Bait shyness is not a problem with CONTRAC because mortality occurs a few days after bait is consumed. CONTRAC is also less toxic to non-target animals, in both primary and secondary poisoning situations, than other single-feeding anticoagulants. The antidote, Vitamin K1, is readily available and there is a time factor for treatment.

Effective against - Rodents including Mice, Rats and warfarin-resistant Norway rats.

DITRAC BLOX Rodenticide - MSDS

DITRAC All Weather BLOX Rodenticide contains the powerful active ingredient, Brodifacoum, the strongest, single-feeding anticoagulant on the market today. DITRAC is effective in controlling both rats and mice but works especially well to clean out persistent mouse infestations.

Benefits - DITRAC All Weather BLOX Rodenticide, with its distinctive cog-like shape, is made with more than 16 human food-grade, inert ingredients for a flavor rats and mice can't resist. This highly weatherable block bait easily fits in tight baiting places. A hole in the center of this 20g BLOX lets PMPs place it on bait securing rods in Bell's tamper-resistant bait stations, or nail or wire it in place.

The bait of choice in the pest control industry, Bell's patented All-Weather BLOX are manufactured from Bell's unique extrusion process that yields a hard, multiple-edged bait with the palatability of a meal bait and the weatherability of a paraffinized bait.

With DITRAC All-Weather BLOX Rodenticide, you'll get unsurpassed rodent acceptance and control. The multiple edges appeal to a rodent's desire to gnaw. BLOX work well in any condition -- wet or dry, indoors or out.

Effective against - Rodents including; Rats and Mice.

Biflex AquaMax - MSDS

Water Based Termiticide and Insecticide for professional use in external and internal situations around buildings and other domestic and commercial situations

Biflex AquaMax was the first ever professional strength, multi use insecticide and termiticide. Effective on a wide range of common household pests and all termite species in Australia, the unique water based formulation is non-staining and odourless, giving users and clients comfort without sacrificing efficacy or longevity. Having the highest active ingredient loading of any of the bifenthrin waterbased formulations (100g/L bifenthrin) Biflex AquaMax is packed with the power to protect at a price you can afford.

Benefits - Repels termites for at least 10 years, long-term residual insecticide, unsurpassed strength for binding to soil and organic matter, UV stable, Non-soluble, Non-systemic, Low odour formulation, Water based formulation, Virtually non-senstising, Low application rate, Cost effective, Versatile internal and external application registration.

Effective Against - Spiders, Wasps (Paper nest), Ants, Cockroaches, Fleas, Flies, Mosquitoes, Ticks, Subterranean Termites.


Ultra-Lo-Odour Termiticide and Insecticide for professional use in external areas around buildings and other domestic and commercial situations.

Biflex Ultra-Lo-Odour is a cost effective, broad spectrum, long residual, liquid insecticide and termiticide for use as an external treatment of a wide range of pests. The dual action of Biflex Ultra will kill and repel subterranean termites making it ideal for long term pre-construction and post-construction termite control and protection. It's unique EC formulation is non-staining and practically odourless, giving users and clients comfort without sacrificing its efficacy or longevity.

Benefits - Repels termites for at least 10 years, Long-term residual insecticide, Unsurpassed strength for binding to soil and organic matter, UV stable, Non-soluble, Non-systemic, Ultra Low Odour Formulation, Virtually non-senstising, Low application rate
Cost effective, Proudly Australian made, Providing pest management solutions to Australians for 15 years .

Effective Against - Spiders, Wasps (Paper nest), Ants, Cockroaches, Fleas, Flies, Mosquitoes, Ticks, Subterranean Termites.

Cislin 25 Professional Insecticide - MSDS

A suspension concentrate for use in the control of a range of pests by Professional Pest Managers. Water based suspension concentrate. Reliable and trusted brand and formulation quality.  Registered for application to mattresses for bedbug control
Now registered for use against paralysis ticks.

Application - Domestic, commercial, industrial and public buildings including:

food processing establishments, shops, factories, ships, offices, schools, storerooms, hospitals, barracks, private houses and
external areas associated with such establishments.

Effective Against - Ants, Cockroaches, Webspinning Spiders, Non-web spinning spiders, Bed-bugs.

Dragnet Dust Insecticidal Powder  - MSDS

Dragnet Dust is a broad-spectrum insecticide dust especially formulated to reach into limited access areas. Containing twice the active ingredient loading of normal dust formulations, Dragnet Dust has an improved super fine formulation giving excellent coverage and spread.

Benefits - Double strength of other dusts, small application rates, cost effective, easy to use, unique formulation,  extremely light, easy flowing formulation and excellent surface adhesion after application.

Effective against - Ants, Bedbugs, Bird mites, Cockroaches, Fleas, Silverfish, Spiders, Wasps (European), as well as other pests including termites.


Arilon™ offers high-performance insect control, versatility of application uses and an excellent environmental profile making it the progressive way to control ants, cockroaches and other key nuisance insect pests.

Application - residential, commercial, industrial usage, internal & external areas associated with such establishments.  Crack or crevice applications in food handling establishments.

Formulated as a dry granular concentrate that is easily diluted in water and then applied, this low-odor, non-clogging, non-staining formulation is convenient to store, carry, prepare, use and clean up after.  Arilon™ has been tested and proven effective on many common structural surfaces including concrete, stainless steel, weathered wood, painted surfaces, ceramic tile, brick and vinyl siding.

The active ingredient in Arilon™, indoxacarb, converts to its MetaActive™ form using the insect pest’s own enzymes, effectively differentiating between target insect pests and non-target organisms. This natural process helps Arilon™ achieve more comprehensive control of pest populations.  Arilon™ is approved for use in and around both household and commercial/industrial locations giving it a broad application space. 

Benefits -
 Excellent control of a wide variety of nuisance insect species, including some key pests of public health importance. Developed and approved for both indoor and outdoor applications.  Proven efficacy on a wide range of common household and commercial surfaces.  Provides non-repellent residual insect control in exterior environments that compliments quarterly service routes.  Active ingredient converts to its MetaActive™ form using the insect's own internal enzymes for targeted pest control.
Can control target pests in as few as 24 hours — yet allows time for horizontal exchange among non-exposed members of insect pests for more comprehensive control. Formulation designed to specifically meet PMP needs — dry concentrate dissolves in water to create a low-odor, non-staining spray formulation.

Goliath® gel - MSDS

Goliath® gel is the most cost effective cockroach treatment, continually outperforming all other gels across Europe. The superior active ingredient, fipronil combined with a highly palatable bait formulation ensures that it is without question the best product available for cockroach control.

Benefits - Unbeatable Speed of Action, Cockroaches will often start to feed on Goliath® Gel within minutes of an application and will then die within a few hours.

Cascade Effect - Due to it’s high activity, fipronil can be consumed by foraging individuals and transmitted widely throughout colonies by the cascade effect.  Lab and field trials show that fipronil is transferred from one cockroach to the next as cockroaches in harbourages will readily eat dead individuals (necrophagism) or the faeces (coprophagy) of individuals that have ingested the gel. Thus Goliath® can be recommended as a sole solution for the treatment of cockroaches ensuring that populations are completely eradicated.

Effective against
 - Cockroaches.

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